China Pictures


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The date is off by a day on some pictures because we did not adjust the camera's time ahead 12 hours.


Adam's bed in Beijing. If he lied diagonally, his head and toes didn't touch the ends.
Sherry and Lineker, our guides in Beijing, standing in Tiananmen Square.
Knocker and Adam somewhere in Forbidden City.
Luke showed the bus driver a thing or two.
On the steps at a Buddhist tourist site. Some people call it "Temple of Heaven," but I looked inside, and it was just dark in there.
Luke sitting on top of a lion outside the pearl factory. Pay no attention to that man behind the lion.
On the great wall. It's pretty steep at this point.
Do you recognize this woman?
Laura and Sophie, minutes after meeting.
Grandma Sandy and Sophie.
Grandpa Louis and Sophie. He's inspecting her for SARS.
You didn't tell me I was going to have brothers!
Sophie eating her first breakfast with us (4/08/2003).
Grandpa Louis and Grandma Sandy at McDonald's in Changsha.
The whole family on the steps in the hotel in Guangzhou.
Lineker and Amy, our guides in Guangzhou, holding the kids.
Knocker's cousin Emory Gaskins and his family. (L to R) Emory, daughter Hannah, wife Cindy holding Sophie, daughter Bethany, son Caleb holding Luke's stroller. Emory is a pastor in Hong Kong. His church's website.
Sophie's home!