April 16, 1999

CAT scan shows brain tumor.


April 17, 1999

MRI confirms tumor.

Surgery. Medulloblastoma. Shunt is inserted to allow drainage of extra cerebrospinal fluid.


April 22, 1999

Shunt removed!


April 25, 1999



May 26, 1999

Spinal tap (Results: negative for tumor cells).

Surgery for placement of infusaport, for chemo treatments.


May 26-31, 1999

First inpatient chemo treatment.

Cisplatin and cyclophosphamide.


June 3, 1999

Vincristine given weekly as outpatient.

Etoposide (VP-16) given daily orally at home.


June 24-26, 1999

Second inpatient chemo treatment.

Cisplatin and cyclophosphamide.


July 20, 1999

MRI seems to indicate that the tumor has grown back.


July 27, 1999

PET scan confirms tumor.


August 10, 1999

Second surgery. Remarkable recovery. After his first surgery, it took Logan more than a month to walk again.


August 13, 1999

Home from surgery! Walking already!


August 17, 1999

Spinal tap (negative) and bone marrow aspiration (negative).


August 26, 1999

Focal radiation treatment begins, daily at 8am, M-F.


October 7, 1999

Logan's third birthday! Last day of radiation.


October 12, 1999

Bone marrow harvest and surgery for placement of Hickman catheter, in preparation for bone marrow transplant (autologous--from self).


October 14, 1999

Post-radiation MRI. Some evidence of tumor spread. Three lesions on spine and questionable area on left optic nerve.


October 15, 1999

Spinal tap (negative!).


October 15-18, 1999

Third inpatient chemo treatment.

Cyclophosphamide (3X previous doses in May and June).


October 21, 1999

PET scan shows evidence of tumor spread, contradicting spinal tap results.


October 24-30, 1999

Logan goes inpatient because of a bacterial infection.


November 10, 1999

Post-chemo MRI. Some tumors shrink. Largest tumor on spine unchanged.


November 15, 17, 19, 1999

Stem cell collection (phoresis).


November 29, 1999

Total craniospinal radiation treatment begins, twice daily (M-F) at 11am and 6pm.


December 22, 1999

Last day of radiation treatment.


January 20, 2000

Post-radiation MRI. Of the three tumors on the spine, the two smaller ones remained the same and the largest one grew larger. The tumor on the optic chiasm is larger. The original tumor between the cerebellum and the brain stem is back again, and there is a new, large tumor in the left temporal lobe. The long-awaited bone marrow transplant is not going to take place after all. Logan is considered "terminal" by the oncologists at Duke.


January 28, 2000

Logan begins receiving a drug called "antineoplastons" from Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski in Houston, Texas.


March 2, 2000

MRI. Extensive tumor spread in brain and spine.


March 5, 2000

Logan passed away at 4:13pm.